Take Your Brick-&-Mortar Store to the Online Store Realm: 4 Tips

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This year, according to Yelp, around 60% of businesses had to liquidate after a temporary shutdown due to COVID-19. Many shops have seen retail sales dry up and chose to opt for a fighting mechanism for the issue.

Ecommerce has offered an opposite spectrum of the issue and is thriving like never before. The eCommerce site traffic has seen an immense increase over the year which is still continuing to grow. In current times, the shift to online business has become an urgency. The brick-and-mortar stores are struggling rigidly with government restrictions and the public’s desire to avoid outings.

Do you think you are late to the online game? We will tell you that you can still make it to a successful transition. Let’s look into four tips that will take your brick-and-mortar store smoothly on the online track.

Choose The Right Hosting Platform

Let’s begin with the basics — to claim a domain for your store. Choosing the right hosting platform for your store will enable your online sales to flourish. If you think you need help in customizing the layout, you can always get help from the experts and outsource the job. Popular platforms such as Shopify and Wix are easier to set up and are quicker. These platforms also offer efficient and clean designs for retailers to work on. 

Common eCommerce concerns like order tracking and security are also efficiently managed in these platforms. This will help you run your online store efficiently and deliver superior service to your customers.

When selecting a domain name, always prefer a name that matches the name of your brick-and-mortar store. If your store has a longer name, consider a shorter URL that will be easier for your customers to remember. If the name you want isn’t already available, look for alternatives that are close to your store name or your business’s area of focus.

Bring Your Brand To Life In A Digital Realm

The in-store experience is filled with branding and that is one of the biggest reasons why customers choose to buy your product. Everything from signage and attires to interactions with employees helps foster your brand personality and image.

On another spectrum, a digital storefront misses that experience and in-person feel. You need to work on the factors and elements that will help your brand shine through. To evoke the right eel of your brand, you need to make sure that your copy and image selection is done very proactively. The content should be true to the experience you try to create in-store, and your website will be more memorable and authentic, making a greater and long-lasting impact on the customer.

Do not skimp on branding elements as a website that looks like it was slapped together at the last second won’t inspire confidence from your buyers. Professional-grade photography and a copy will be more appealing to potential buyers and showcase your brand in the best light.

Consider How To Sell Products Or Services Online

It is no piece of cake to determine how you will want to sell your services pr products online. This practice can come up as a great challenge. If you are working with a diverse range of products, begin by focusing on your top sellers first. An efficient flow of the website and attractive product imagery with a detailed description will ensure your customers to buy with confidence and surety.

Plan For Customer Service

For an online store, customer service looks a bit different. However, a lack of face-to-face interaction doesn’t make customer service any less important as you take your business online.

A positive experience is still key to getting customers to shop with you again — according to a report, 77% of customers will also share their positive experiences with others who have experienced good customer services. For online businesses, this often yields positive public reviews that drive more traffic to your store.

At the very least, your website should list a customer support phone number, where you or a staff member will be readily available to address customer questions, concerns and complaints. Account for varied user preferences by also including options for email and online chat. Make it easy for them to reach you, then provide the same friendly service you would in-person.

Nailing The Transition

Taking a brick-and-mortar store online can be intimidating. But it doesn’t require months and months to successfully bring your brand online and running. With an online store that is available 24/7, your loyal customers will be able to make purchases whenever is convenient for them, which will increase your chances of sales.

Chances are, you’ll also bring in new customers who would never have discovered you otherwise. By setting up your website for success, you will lay the foundation for lasting online revenue generation.

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