LinkedIn New Feature: Company Engagement Report For B2B Marketers

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LinkedIn New Feature

A treat for marketers by LinkedIn, as it decides to launch Company Engagement Report which aims to deliver valuable insights.

According to the news, the report will offer the data that will assist B2B marketers in understanding better if they are reaching their desired target audience or not. This report brings together various variations of metrics that show how engaged target customers are with the industry.

The report will comprise of the following metrics to assist the marketers:

  • Total Engagement Level: It is calculated by taking the sum of ad engagement, organic engagement and website visits. The value gets divided by the number of members targeted and benchmarked across companies marketed to on LinkedIn.
  • Member Targeted: Number of members who work at the company and have been targeted by a campaign.
  • Total Ad Engagement: Number of likes, comments, clicks, shares, and video views (valid if at least 25% of the video is viewed). Includes paid ads and ads virally shared.
  • Total Organic Engagement: Total number of interactions from posts from your organization’s LinkedIn Page.
  • Total Website Visits: Total number of times members visited your web page tied to the LinkedIn Insight Tag.

How to Use the Company Engagement Report

According to LinkedIn, the Company Engagement Report will enable marketers to achieve three objectives:

  • Knowing if you’re reaching the right audience.
  • Focusing on organizations in need of sales and marketing outreach.
  • Understanding how ads and organic content are performing with marked audiences.

The report will allow the users — Marketers to view the impressions to get a clearer view of whether the ads are being considered by the individual decision-makers who need to see them or not.

Above all, according to LinkedIn, the reason for creating the Company Engagement Report was to help marketers answer the question: “Is this working?”

The Company Engagement Report is the latest feature from LinkedIn specifically created for B2B marketers and account-based marketers (ABM). It’s free for all users in Campaign Manager.

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