LinkedIn: Career Explorer For Job Seekers Launched

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Career Explorer

LinkedIn is now on its way to launch another of its tool — Career Explorer. This tool with assist professionals finding new jobs and getting recruited, using the set of skills they already have.

What makes this tool diverse is its ability to help job seekers transition into a different field based on their skills.

Career Explorer also identifies which careers an individual may be competent for based on skills associated with their previous worked jobs.

The tool, Career Explorer provides job seekers with:

  • Insights to identify the right career path
  • Learning opportunities to get any additional skills they need
  • A community to connect professionals to new opportunities

Around 140 million people are expected to be out of work due to continuous effects of the pandemic, and launch of the tool came just in time of need.

A record trend has been seen in LinkedIn, where people are seeking new jobs constantly.

According to another set of statistics:

  • 96% of hiring managers say they would hire someone who is being laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Three people are getting hired on LinkedIn every minute.
  • There are currently over 14 million available job postings.

But how can this tool — Career Explorer can be used to find new opportunities?

LinkedIn Career Explorer

LinkedIn’s Career Explorer tool advantages individuals in switching career paths also they may be well-suited for. It also matches the professionals with new opportunities by mapping existing skills to thousands of available job titles on the platform.

According to the experts at LinkedIn, comparing skills across jobs can enable the individuals to get to the right type of job suiting their skill-set.

The tool uses the tool, skills similarity to calculate the skill metric. This tool compares and analyses a different set of jobs and assigns score — 0 to 100.

LinkedIn also draws from user data to calculate skills similarity scores.

In addition to this, this tool also has a “Find Connections on LinkedIn” feature that will show you any connections who have had the job you’re interested in from your links.

LinkedIn notes all data represents aggregated information from the last five years.

A beta version of Career Explorer is now available in English, with enhancements to be added in the near future.

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