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Engaging questions

Almost 60% of consumers globally engage with brands on social media – sometimes up to three times a day. And nearly two-thirds of consumers who are satisfied with brand interactions over social media are likely to recommend that brand or their services to others.

Asking Engaging Questions is significant. However, do you still find yourself wondering what magic words will boost engagement over various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram? Are you ignoring your social media channels? Or, worse, are you using them to spread promotional content, and little else?  

We’ve made it easy for you with these social media conversation prompts. This ‘swipe file’ of the following engaging openings can be used across any vertical of any industry.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask General Questions

Asking a question has been the best-proven method to improve engagement. Everyone loves to talk about themselves, and one goal of social media is to encourage self-revelation, so the following on your social platforms becomes a community.

Keep into account that not every question needs to relate to your business solely. It can be about generic topics as well. The only goal isn’t to pull out a conversation but to engage.

Here are a few of our favourite general questions to ignite a conversation:

  • “If you could interview one person in your field, who would it be?”
  • “What’s one nice thing you could do for somebody in your life today?”
  • “What would you like to tell your younger self?”
  • “What five things couldn’t you live without?”
  • “What do you think about [some recent news event in your industry]?”
  • “Who is your favourite superhero, and why?”
  • “What one decision in your life would you like to go back and change?”

If you don’t have a sizable, responsive audience, your new business will least likely receive much of a reply. Regardless of the quality of questions, you are asking on your social platforms, and you need to push and make an extra effort for engagement. You can begin by requesting business colleagues, family or friends to respond to your questions and initiate engagement on your platform.  

Engaging questions

Ensure that You’re Asking Meaningful, Relevant Questions, Too

Interacting and asking engagement questions to your followers is an excellent way of having fun. Still, there are another tremendous reasons to ask your social followers questions: it helps with market research. 

You can ask both pointed and open-ended questions to your followers, and this will assist your business to get a sense of the problems and challenges your audience faces. This newly-gleaned data will enable you to craft and refine many aspects of your practices and your business, from product features to marketing approach to your buyer persona.

Here are some specific, info-gathering questions your business might want to ask:

  • “What do you love about your current [routine, recruiting software, SEO strategy]?”
  • “What do you wish you could change about your [cable provider, grocery store, and workflow]?”
  • “What drives you crazy about [working out, commuting to work, buying a car]?”
  • “What’s the hardest part of [losing weight, finding love, growing your business]?”

Regardless of the nature of any business, audiences love to complain. Smart companies can use that information to their business’s advantage. Some brands like to sort through replies and “Like” them, send a cute reply like a thumbs-up emoji, type a quick “Thanks!”, or respond in detail with a link to their website or a phone number. Whatever you choose as your reply strategy, set it once and stick with it.

Provide Value by Sharing Information that Matters

Before social networking got so popular and hyped mean of communication, the way before was to share influencers’ work. Don’t be shy about incorporating this traditional strategy into your marketing plan. Here are some ideas:

  • An industry statistic and explanation that’s interesting to outsiders
  • A quote from a leader in the industry that inspires your business, and a short description of how it motivates your company
  • A quote from a competitor you agree or disagree with
  • A beautiful, inspiring, or adorable photo that’s relevant to your business’s mission
  • A viral video from another source that relates to your business in some way
  • A funny meme that’s industry-relevant and speaks to industry insiders
  • A news article, along with a little blurb about what you think it means for your industry
  • Quick tips and how-to’s on topics relevant to your brand, product, or industry – infographics are particularly good

When sharing news from a source, don’t overuse it. You can’t always turn to Vox for cool videos or The Guardian for breaking news. Research and create a shortlist of the handful of credible, high-quality sources of information so that your shared content is always assorted and diverse.

Always share content with a sentence or two of a general conversation. Always bring your brand’s voice into every piece of content you promote.

If you successfully share well-curated information about your business, you will most likely become a must-follow account in your sector someday.

Remember: Thought Leadership Matters, Too

Another prompt and valuable strategy your business should be incorporating into its social media strategy is thought leadership. Thought leadership builds brand authority by demonstrating that you’re a skilled expert in your industry.

Here are some ideas for sharing ideas that interest your followers while assuring them of your credibility:

  • A branded video or think piece
  • A new blog post your company has published
  • An interview, written or recorded, with someone from your team
  • Earned – or even paid – media coverage

When You Start Conversations, Remember Why Your Followers Are Here

When you create your posts, remember that social media marketing is supposed to be exciting and entertaining. No matter what type of conversation you’re attempting to start, you should always pay attention to your audience and their expectations. Your followers are using the platform to kill time, be entertained, and learn a little. Social media is very similar to a cocktail party — just the right place to mix, mingle, and get to know different individuals. The platform is not appropriate to lay sales and marketing on too thick.

Are you following a social media strategy to grow your social media engagement by asking Engaging questions? If so, you’re taking advantage of an opportunity to get to know your customers and build relationships that will power your business’s long-term growth.

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