Create The High-Converting Landing Page (With 2020 Examples)

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Landing Page

An effective and well-designed landing page is responsible to convert your visitors and potential customers into reliable clienteles. However, not all pages can be classified as being a landing page that will generate leads and sales. Undoubtedly, an effective landing page is one of the most crucial yet vital parts of your website.

In essence, the purpose of a landing page is to convince the reader to convert — sign up for your service or product.

Whenever a potential customer falls to your landing page, ideally they should have the idea of your services and products right away without any perplexity.

A simple approach that many of the businesses forget in the process is that you are selling the benefits of using your product to your customer rather than the service or product itself. Your customer is facing a problem and wishes to overcome it with the solution that you are offering. As a successful and responsible business, you need to prove to your customer that your product is the ultimate solution for their need and will take away the problem without breaking a sweat. 

If you are looking for an easy formula to reach out to your customers, then you are in the right place. Let’s dig into this Head, Heart, and Hands method so you can make your language page as effective as it can be. 

An Effective Landing Page Method

The Head


You need to deliver a definitive problem statement on your landing page. The next step will be to describe how your product is the ultimate solution for their needs. You can take guidance from the industry researches as well as the statistics run by authentic areas. Clearly state why your product can solve their existing problem efficiently. 

The Heart

Be empathetic!

By showing empathy, it will mean that you will put yourself in your customer’s shoes and understand them by all means. Choose to address their issues in a way that will make them care. You need to put your customers as a center of attraction — not your product. 

The Hands

Act rightly.

If your landing pages are missing the right ‘call to action’ then it is not serving its due purpose regardless of how accurately it is crafted. The ultimate goal of your landing page is to drive your visitors into becoming your loyal customers and a good landing page should fulfill that.

High-Converting Landing Page Must-Haves

Okay so you have understood the purpose of making a landing page, but what you must include in it to make it efficient, effective, and highly-converting? Conversion is the ultimate of your landing page. To make it work, you need to consider a handful of elements to consider when finalizing its content.

An Attention-Grabbing Headline

When a reader falls into your page, you just have a few seconds to grab their attention to hold them to stay on your page. The headline works as a hook for the purpose. By inserting the right headline, you can compel your customer to stay and see what is in it for them if they choose to avail of your service.

Present your headline as a ‘golden ticket’ for your customer. Do not make it all cheesy and clever, just be honest and compelling with your words. Keep it brief while you make them realize that the solution for all their needs, is just right here.

If you are looking for some amazing examples to get inspired, take a look at these few.

The Introduction Story

This is the part where you get into the details. Spill your heart out in detail and explain your process through which you will be delivering value to them. Give them a narrative they can relate to. The goal is to deliver a unique value proposition to your customer that will oblige them to read on.

Avail the opportunity to explain to your customer that how their issue badly needs a solution that is constantly costing them time and money. Use your words and tone smartly, so your customers will understand that you understand their needs well.

In short, your introduction should mention the problem, how your product is its solution, and all the other benefits that come with the deal.

The Offer

After you make your customer realize that you understand their problems well, the next step is to explain your product in detail. This may include various market comparisons, feature lists, and all the necessary details that will explain how your product works.

Avail this opportunity well by reinforcing how your product or service is friendly, faster, better, and cheaper than the rest. If there are any objections or roadblocks that your customer may face, address them here as well.

The Price

For pricing, keep it extremely clear and simple. Clearly label all your pricing options and put them on your landing page.

Testimonials Or Social Proof

The testimonials mentioned on your landing page will offer assurance to your potential customers that you are offering them quality services or products.

You can also choose to mention your social proof by displaying any awards or featured posts that you have gained in the past. A bit of key advice here will be to not link any of those pages as this will only offer another action to the customers — which we don’t want. We only want the customer to navigate to a single call to action.

Call To Action

A call to action is our ultimate goal when you successfully compel your visitor to buy your product or service.  

The CTA should be bold, prominent, and should stand out on your page. The form directed from this button should only concern the information related to your purchase, nothing more.

High-Converting Landing Page: Additional

One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that there is a delicate balance that you need to maintain in the content creation of your landing pages. While adding information, make sure it aids your customer in making the decision rather than overwhelming them.

Except for a few absolute essentials, there are also a few additional elements that you may add to your landing page to make them stand out. 

·         Images, illustrations, or mockups

·         Brief, introductory video

·         Any Bonus offers

·         Logo display of existing customers 

·         Company’s brief description

·         A satisfaction guarantee

·         Trust Seals — awards, certifications, partnerships

·         FAQs

·         An alternative CTA — request for a demo

 High-Converting Landing Page — Don’ts

Do you think it’s important just to know what to add to a landing page? What not to add is equally crucial as well.

The only goal of your landing page should be to drive your potential customer to perform a single desired action. If your page will have too many distractions, the conversion rate will be compromised and lowered.

Want to know what some of them are? Read below to find out!

·         Social links

·         Navigation Menu

·         Complicated Forms

·         Ads

·         Sidebar

·         Newsletter signup

·         Anything that doesn’t compel the visitor to make a purchase

Don’t Forget To Say Thanks!

If you think you have left any detail out of your landing page, then this is your last chance for it. The ‘Thank you’ page that appears after the customer concludes the purchase works as a great opportunity. Here you can also encourage them to either create an account or check their email.

In The End

The key tip to remember: every element of your landing page has the sole purpose of compelling your visitor to make the purchase.

A high-converting landing page should be concise, clear, and comprehensive. All the elements should fall to a clear, single call to action button.

An effective landing page requires some smart planning and testing. By putting the right advice into action, your page will bear an increased conversion and sales in no time!

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