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LinkedIn is also on the bandwagon now and has introduced controls for individual posts which let users restrict who can see and comment on them, like other engagement platforms. In addition to this, it also allows the users to create “their own feed.”

Like many other social media platforms, LinkedIn is also adding new ways for its users to control who can view their posts, comment on them, and even let users build their own feed, so they don’t have to see everything unwillingly anymore.

If you are one of those who spent a reasonable amount of time on LinkedIn, you must have witnessed that lately, the platform has incorporated some changes.

This — once “safe” platform has now caught up with the rest, and now there is definitely more spam than ever and more bullying via LinkedIn comments. The LinkedIn community decided to make some necessary change to its platform to address this not so good happening.

Let us talk about the few necessary changes that LinkedIn has undergone lately.

Restricting Audiences For Individual Posts

As a default setting, all the LinkedIn posts are visible by all of your connections and followers. The new control settings allow you to specify your audience. Now you can choose your audience that you wish to reach for each individual post you publish. 

The setting allows you five different options:

  • Anyone: Any web user on or off LinkedIn
  • Twitter: Share with anyone on LinkedIn and also post to Twitter
  • Connections: People you are directly connected to on LinkedIn
  • Group members: Members of a LinkedIn group you belong to
  • Events: Attendees of an event you RSVP’d to

However, there is a disclaimer added here. Once the visibility for a post is set, it can’t be changed. Now how does that sound!

LinkedIn is undoubtedly not the first social media platform to incorporate this welcoming feature. Previously Instagram introduced ‘Close Friends’ to allow the users to build a specific audience with which they feel comfortable sharing personal content.

If LinkedIn would have taken the introduced feature further by allowing the selection of custom audience, we definitely think it would have been more appreciated.

Restricting Comments On Individual Posts

If you are comfortable with everyone seeing your posted content, you may still want to limit who can comment on your posts. If not for all, maybe for a few posts at least.

Here again, we are presenting you with a few available options:

  • Connections only: only the users you are directly connected to can comment
  • Everyone: everyone on LinkedIn can comment
  • No one: No one can comment

LinkedIn’s new control feature works very similar to how to reply restrictions work on Twitter, where everyone can see a tweet, but not everyone can reply to it.

Note that this setting will not stop anyone who can see the post from liking, reacting, or sharing your post. It only blocks certain users to comment on it, that’s it.

Curating Your Own Feed

Here, LinkedIn is taking a massive step in making its feed interesting again. LinkedIn chose to introduce a new tool that lets users give feedback on what they want to see more or less of the amount of spam-filled content that has now taken over the platform.  To access this tool, you will need to click on the three dots in the top-right corner of individual posts.

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