Case Study
Ascott Homes

Client Brief

Ascott Homes is a real estate startup in London offering its clients property management services. Yaz reached out to us in a struggle to give his brand, Ascott Homes, an identity. He was looking for a new logo, a Facebook page, typography, on-site SEO and content with authentic industry legalities.

Our Approach

We started out by first understanding the nature of his business and its target audience. The first step toward establishing brand identity is creating a recognisable logo. We carefully designed a logo for Ascott Homes that is not only easily identifiable but also reflects the startup’s nature of business.
Our next challenge was to curate a website for Ascott Homes that not only resonated with their target audience but also contemplated the company’s true nature of business and on-site SEO optimisation. Our team of professional designers started out by incorporating the colours of the new logo into the website and upgrading its layout so it looked more modern. On the back end of the website, our marketing experts carefully devised and implemented an SEO strategy that would continuously deliver in the long run.
The content truly presented us with a challenge. Since we did not have much legal knowledge about the real estate business, we reached out to an industry expert who had the insights on all the prevailing real estate laws. The specialist was briefed about the client and hired to write unique and industry specific content for Ascott homes.
Our Social media team was game and took on the task of creating a Facebook page for the client and worked out a strategy to keep the page active and relevant at all times.
Lastly, our developers upped the ante by making the website responsive and mobile friendly.

The Result

Ascott Homes was so impressed with their website, logo and the rest of our work that they decided to forge a long term relationship with us and extended the contract to hire our social media and website management services as well. The company is now more atoned to their industry and reflects the image of a market leader to their current and potential clients. Here’s what the client had to say:

“Thanks to London Premium Designs my website now has great content and looks more in synced with my business. And the website can now be accessed on smartphone browsers. Thumbs up guys!”

Yaz Hussain

Marketing Director – Ascott Homes

The Logo

The font - Cairo


Brand Colours

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