A Content Optimisation Guide: Detect & Improve Underperforming Content

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We have witnessed the world’s persistent change in the areas of digitisation, marketing, and branding. If you skim out the common trait between the three, you will figure out that it is ‘content’. Every information spread across the internet is merely a click away. However, with great abundance, not all content enjoy the same attention and hype. Simply put, only the well-deserving content gets the users’  ‘eyes’ after it is well optimised for search engines and user intent.

New content will come out and about every day. The steady rise competition in the race to rank better is never-ending. If one fails to adopt the right SEO practices, it is an excellent chance that your page will fail to rank on the top spot of the search engine results page (SERP).

Talking about the elephant in the room now, we have curated a list of issues that might be the reason for your underperforming content.

Underperforming Content and How to Detect it?

Simply said, an underperforming content is simply the content that fails to gather any momentum, growth, or mobility irrespective of the time and effort invested in it. Timespan can play a huge role in determining the performance of your content. However, the quality of the content will be responsible for generating consistent readership.

There are a few other factors that diminish the worth of content.

  • Irrelevant and trivial statements and information
  • Plagiarised & Repetitive Content
  • Wrong time and place of content
  • Not doing keyword research
  • Technical fallout from Google index 
  • Disorganised and undisciplined presentation
  • Dubious headline

How To Improve Your Content

Set A Target

For each content you wish to produce, set a presumed growth, audience, niche and the publishing frequency you want to achieve. Look around for the variants, study the hike times, search intents and then plan your strategy accordingly.

Track Your Progress

By monitoring your insights frequently, you will better analyse and understand your content strategy’s growth and progress. This will also enable you to target your priorities and weaknesses likewise. You may also take the assistance of various tools, including Google Search Console, which can help you measure the traffic and the performance of your site. Google Analytics gives insights into what brings users to your site and their activities on your site. You can also see your position on SERP and get help in ranking better.

Work On What’s Lacking

Observe and scrutinise the aspects your content lacks and work hard on improving it — be it vocabulary, speed, styles, typing, etc. Tracking and insights help in self-validation. This will reduce dependency and increase confidence. Platforms like Google search console, Ahref, Moz, Link Explorer will help you analyse your page performance through insights in a more precise way.

Look What’s Trending and Keep Learning

Keep an eye around for content that pops-up on the top priorities, and try to figure out what makes them so relevant. Keep track of SEO metrics and ranking history of top rank pages and learn ways to make your way to SERP. You can also look for factors that Google prioritises to rank better.

Promote Your Content

One of the most important steps is to brand yourself — Source all your connections and platforms to uplift and promote your work.

Appropriate Keywords And Headings 

Highlighting the essential and integral parts of the content will help you catch readers’ attention. Work on the style and standardise your work.

Give proper attention to the Meta titles and descriptions. Use useful target keywords and pay close attention to the required characters.

Research efficiently and look for the best performing keywords that you missed out by chance and then try to include them in your content. Never stuff keywords, use them only if you have to.

Lookup For Collaborations

To boost your engagement and reach, try collaborating with leading influencers of your niche. Learn from their success and techniques they practice to reach out to their audience.

Include Pictorial Representations

To convey your message in a better way, including graphics, tabular representations, and images in your content. Make sure that the photos you select are self-explanatory. This will make your content more visually appealing and relatable to the reader.

Be Active On Social Media Networks

By being active on social media. You will able to track and promote tour work in a better manner. You will easily keep an eye on the trending topics, niches and development networks. You will also discover more effective ways to boost content engagement.

Be Up To Date 

Always update your pages and content, keep up with the changes of Google SERP. In addition to this, keep checking out for crawl-ability and index-ability.

Last Thoughts

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Staying optimistic is constant. Keep working on your content without diminishing your self-worth. Feel free to distance yourself from things you feel will create a burden for your work life. Demarcate personal and professional space. Keep track of your growth, check your insights, build healthy connections, and stay motivated. Will power, freshness, and hard work are necessities for growth.

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