How To Create a Dynamic User Experience: UX FAQs (1-10)

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User Experience

Every choice you make on a website eventually influences how a visitor will interact with your page. After developing a web page, every developer is looking forward to figuring out ways to increase engagement, downloads, utility and get recurrent visitors. Though many factors are involved in carrying out the task successfully, User Experience UX plays a significant role to achieve this goal.

The web developers need to understand truly what their users want and then build a dynamic user experience to fulfil their needs.

So what users prefer? Most users prefer sites that are fluid and relatable. The visitors will look for sites that will show them value and intuition. The user looks out for the page that is frictionless and an extension of what they need to accomplish.

Ascertain as this may seem, sometimes a user is not sure what they need. To sum it up, we have prepared some UX FAQs that will help you achieve better user experience in some necessary details.

User Experience (UX) FAQs


Which fonts convey professionalism and confidence?

People are falling for everything contemporary now. To fulfil the modern cravings, sans serif fonts are not only trendy but are incredibly professional too. If you are looking for some simple, clean and solid go-to fonts, you can bet on the following options:

·         Open Sans

·         Proxima Nova

·         Roboto

Brandon Grotesque is a current favourite of many developers while if you are looking for something classic, try Din. 

Auditing Web Page

Any efficient resources for auditing a web page for accessibility?

There are a few tools that you can use to check the accessibility for your site. They are mentioned below:



If you want to check the colour contrast, you can go ahead and play with the following tool.

Loading Speed of Images

How would you increase the efficiency and loading speed of the images on your website to improve User Experience when your site is visited?

Export them at a resolution of 150 DPI. 

If you are looking to increase the overall speed of your page, then we recommend you to go through this article

Site Speed

How does site speed affect SEO exactly?

Briefly, the main goal of search engines is to drive customers to helpful websites. A site that loads quickly is generally better for customers, and they prefer it. So, search engines give preference to the sites that upload faster and will also be ranked higher accordingly. 

No Reviews?

How can a new brand create that sense of trust with their web layout when they do not have a lot of reviews to show?

As a first, vital step, begin by building a user friendly and easy to navigate the site. The content of your webpage should be able to answer all your questions and needs. This will not only help build trust but will also help in creating brand loyalty. Always start customer-first, and they will respond to that without hesitation. 

Background Image For Page

Can we have a background image cover the entire page to the bottom or just the top and then have open space on the bottom? Or is it a bad idea?

You can have a background image, but you need to keep in mind a few tips.

·         Make sure the image is not stretched and is large enough.

·         Make sure the image is simple and is not distracting the visitor from the content.

·         Make sure that all the text placed on your webpage is readable and is not overshadowed by the image at any part. 


What are the pros and cons of links to other pages as opposed to material also found by scrolling down?

Different people have a different opinion on how many hyperlinks a page may have. As a generic rule, if you think you can explain something better in a few lines without sending your visitors to a new direction, then prefer doing so. On the other hand, if you believe that your link will take your visitors on an educational journey and enable them to geek out on the subject, then go for it. However, do keep it in mind that it may be distracting to some. 

Pop-up Dialogs

What do you think of pop-up dialogs on the homepage?

Not advisable to use pop-ups. With pop-up ads, you can elevate sales to some extent; however, it also instils distrust in some users. Some users might think that they are being dimed or are being upsold.  

Keywords or Descriptive?

Are there keywords that customers expect for navigation like Home or Contact that we should use or just make sure you keep it descriptive and short?

Explore and take a look at your competitor pages. Observe the content they have uploaded and the language they have used.

If they appeal to you, that means that they have made a fair copy; if it’s the opposite, then you can surely come up with something better and promising. 

Offline Log

Do you recommend keeping an offline log of changes being made to your website?

If you are new at it and are unsure whether you want to commit to the changes made or not, that is a good option. You can easily experiment and see what the possibilities to experiment are. 


These are just some of the FAQs related to user experience (UX) that we have jotted down here. If you want to see more of these, please keep an eye on our blog. We have planned another series very soon!

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